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Img 0177 2 1150SirRealImg 0177 2 1Apples & Oranges300Taty73Apples & OrangesDecanter and Cups120AmyJoyDecanter and CupsMilk Glass Buffet70janea35Milk Glass BuffetBeautiful Stained Glass House, Copenhagen..35715ajan3Beautiful Stained Glass House, Copenhagen..Glass perfume bottles, so beautiful..24715ajan3Glass perfume bottles, so beautiful..Art Glass Sculptures from North America32715ajan3Art Glass Sculptures from North AmericaColourful Glass Art28715ajan3Colourful Glass ArtA beautiful room..35715ajan3A beautiful room..Pretty glass..24715ajan3Pretty glass..Abstract digital art multi colored glass balls Aleksandr Volkov28715ajan3Abstract digital art multi colored glass balls Aleksandr VolkovMoser Crystal80AmyJoyMoser Crystalstatic sphere12qwertzstatic sphere#Fresh Tomatoes & Juice180Kaboomer#Fresh Tomatoes & JuicePoppies12mika7PoppiesColourful Glass..30715ajan3Colourful Glass..Einstein on the Beach -- Anne Lewis, Ty Boomershine50SquimyEinstein on the Beach -- Anne Lewis, Ty BoomershineLentils with Broccoli300Taty73Lentils with BroccoliBeatty's Chocolate Cake48frostbitealleyBeatty's Chocolate Cake^ Rainbow of sea glass48300zx^ Rainbow of sea glassLooking Glass Falls, NC (11)30052DHS62Looking Glass Falls, NC (11)Colourful Glass Art24715ajan3Colourful Glass Art^ Multi-colored prism cut glass pin brooch48300zx^ Multi-colored prism cut glass pin broochArt and photo by Trish Radford90tke23lgArt and photo by Trish Radford