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Christian stained glass180kay3Christian stained glassglass48bonimicglassGlasses35LetiBravoGlasseschess42ChillichessGlass apples35LetiBravoGlass applesWine Art by Marilyn Dunlap63TerriCWine Art by Marilyn DunlapJuice with fruits 2300KaraMelekJuice with fruits 2Drinks +apples +fruit +glass +grapes +highball +juice +kiwi +ora35sb1981Drinks +apples +fruit +glass +grapes +highball +juice +kiwi +oraRose in Glass Dome48TerriCRose in Glass DomeVarious 597 clock tower glas art300PixiVarious 597 clock tower glas artWaterscape Vases72TerriCWaterscape VasesFettuccine ai Funghi300Taty73Fettuccine ai FunghiPlums300Taty73PlumsArt by Dale Chihuly154GarbooArt by Dale ChihulyWine and Lavender by Marilyn Dunlap70TerriCWine and Lavender by Marilyn DunlapOooohhh... Sparkly...35janea35Oooohhh... block and tile15qwertzglass block and tile#Blue Horse by Zurab Martiashvili208Kaboomer#Blue Horse by Zurab MartiashviliField Dance48SquimyField DanceGlass Shadow Box56TerriCGlass Shadow BoxTea 64300KaraMelekTea 64Tea 63300KaraMelekTea 63Summer Cocktails 4300KaraMelekSummer Cocktails 4Juices 1300KaraMelekJuices 1