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6e0a3c840428647fb487e6bd65e71a68108davisyv6e0a3c840428647fb487e6bd65e71a68Kœnigsberg/Kaliningrad96puzlartKœnigsberg/KaliningradKaliningrad, Old cathedral, Russia96puzlartKaliningrad, Old cathedral, RussiaGerman F-4F300LCDR1635German F-4FI'm Bigger Than You24Cookie303I'm Bigger Than YouGERMAN VILLAGE16zipnonGERMAN VILLAGEWhere are the big dogs?30TigerjagWhere are the big dogs?Erol Sander54occhiverdiErol SanderAyrshire Farm Upperville110annabelle333Ayrshire Farm UppervilleCruising the Rhine260CyberKathCruising the RhineA Tired Dog Is A Good Dog150tnbsktsA Tired Dog Is A Good DogSanta Paws154tnbsktsSanta Paws#Nike is Forever Attentive- Just Not to the Camera...35Kaboomer#Nike is Forever Attentive- Just Not to the Camera...#Nike Loves to Roll in the Grass24Kaboomer#Nike Loves to Roll in the Grass#Nike Loves to Play Fetch12Kaboomer#Nike Loves to Play Fetch#My Beautiful Nike6Kaboomer#My Beautiful NikeGerman Shepherd Puppy32Vivien2012German Shepherd PuppyGerman shepherd and flowers28Vivien2012German shepherd and flowersJack and toy48Vivien2012Jack and toyBe Mine16BlindTigerBe MineGerman Tornado IDS300LCDR1635German Tornado IDSgerman sheperd with willow twigs15sadladygerman sheperd with willow twigsSophie Thomalla in Latex112pablo123Sophie Thomalla in LatexHey, I'll grow to these ears!36BlindTigerHey, I'll grow to these ears!