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Gay :3120Arantzav1219Gay :3Gay 7u7144Arantzav1219Gay 7u7anticipation60MatthewG58anticipationTighty Whities Embrace88brumeux77Tighty Whities EmbraceJustin, Nick & Maria LV144Justin, Nick & Maria LVSpartan Warriors99brumeux77Spartan WarriorsThe Song — from “Were the World Mine”120brumeux77The Song — from “Were the World Mine”Wright Green — lienwyn80brumeux77Wright Green — lienwynnew friends99new friendsFriends100Gregory1FriendsStill a Rose—Troian Bellisario & Brandon Crowder42brumeux77Still a Rose—Troian Bellisario & Brandon CrowderFeed Where Thou Wilt49brumeux77Feed Where Thou WiltOberon and Puck Kissing—John Light and Matthew Tennyson88brumeux77Oberon and Puck Kissing—John Light and Matthew TennysonParis Is for Lovers — Sven de Rennes88brumeux77Paris Is for Lovers — Sven de RennesThe Passion of Christ 5—The Last Supper48brumeux77The Passion of Christ 5—The Last SupperTumblr megoc4NlTZ1rmx7b2o1 1280150Tumblr megoc4NlTZ1rmx7b2o1 1280Man*60DocwaMan*IMG_039263ElDredIMG_0392IMG_039170ElDredIMG_0391IMG_038970ElDredIMG_0389Skjermbilde 2016-10-16 kl. 02.16.15300Skjermbilde 2016-10-16 kl. 02.16.15IMG_038863ElDredIMG_0388IMG_038770ElDredIMG_0387IMG_038563ElDredIMG_0385