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Spring Has Sprung24buckeye45601Spring Has SprungSpring Has Sprung24buckeye45601Spring Has SprungNarcissus300lacedgablesNarcissusPiggy112HugoVPiggy1Piggy in the garden40HugoVPiggy in the gardenRose garden gate96scameron262Rose garden gateDaffodils, 'Lemon Silk' 6YYW-W, Cyclamineus.16ourspudsDaffodils, 'Lemon Silk' 6YYW-W, Cyclamineus.girl77Ciupercutagirlhello77Ciupercutahellohello81Ciupercutahellohello80Ciupercutahellohello80CiupercutahelloYellow azalea12Nena011Yellow azaleaLilac12Nena011LilacGarden300barbvanbenGardenDaffodils, 'Ice King' 4W-Y, 'Ice Follies' sport.16ourspudsDaffodils, 'Ice King' 4W-Y, 'Ice Follies' sport.Cat in a dandelion field fthy6t-390woeboCat in a dandelion field fthy6t-3Daffodils, Greenbank Garden, 'Sweet Charity' 2W-YYO, 1971.12ourspudsDaffodils, Greenbank Garden, 'Sweet Charity' 2W-YYO, 1971.Daffodils, 'Trena' 6W-Y Cyclamineus, Dwarf less than 32.5cm.20ourspudsDaffodils, 'Trena' 6W-Y Cyclamineus, Dwarf less than 32.5cm.Daffodils, Group 4 doubles.16ourspudsDaffodils, Group 4 doubles.Daffodils in Greenbank Garden, Glasgow, 'February Silver', 1W-Y.24ourspudsDaffodils in Greenbank Garden, Glasgow, 'February Silver', 1W-Y.Rose photo by Fairy Duff25FadeRose photo by Fairy DuffCurious Cat20Cookie303Curious CatThick beds of tulips96GerivThick beds of tulips