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Arya Stark300TommyTommyArya StarkNox180NoxGOT140LizhazeGOTGame of Thrones Cersei Lannister80unclebubba66Game of Thrones Cersei LannisterGames-of-thrones Dani78unclebubba66Games-of-thrones DaniGame-of-Thrones-Varys88unclebubba66Game-of-Thrones-VarysGame-of-thrones-the-iron-throne78unclebubba66Game-of-thrones-the-iron-throneTraboule 27 rue saint jean vers 6 rue des 3 maries130Traboule 27 rue saint jean vers 6 rue des 3 mariesArya130NovelCaosAryaChristopher Nick 'Game Day'150Rita49Christopher Nick 'Game Day'Lyanna Mormont Game of Thrones54Vivien2012Lyanna Mormont Game of ThronesGame Of Thrones Dragon54Vivien2012Game Of Thrones DragonWinterfell Game of Thrones60Vivien2012Winterfell Game of ThronesWesteros Game of Thrones60Vivien2012Westeros Game of ThronesWalking into Dragonstone Game of Thrones60Vivien2012Walking into Dragonstone Game of ThronesJousting Game of Thrones50Vivien2012Jousting Game of ThronesJon Snow Game of Thrones Dragon60Vivien2012Jon Snow Game of Thrones DragonHighgarden Game of Thrones60Vivien2012Highgarden Game of ThronesGame of Thrones60Vivien2012Game of ThronesGame of Thrones Tyrian and company60Vivien2012Game of Thrones Tyrian and companyDaenerys riding Dragon Game of thrones60Vivien2012Daenerys riding Dragon Game of thronesDaenerys leading Dothraki60Vivien2012Daenerys leading DothrakiGame of Thrones Cercei and Jamie60Vivien2012Game of Thrones Cercei and JamieRussian Olympic Games 198035purrydazeRussian Olympic Games 1980