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11311674696_433b6d5290_o[1]35eirkar11311674696_433b6d5290_o[1]yikes...80TrishaLeeyikes...Puzzles30aprylPuzzlesSnail-mail6patijewlSnail-mailBreakfast Egg on Face88ladyandtrampBreakfast Egg on FaceCalling Dr. Katz35ladyandtrampCalling Dr. KatzBohemian Pillows99PeacelovingBohemian PillowsANIMAL DAY IN THE CLASS ROOM70TrishaLeeANIMAL DAY IN THE CLASS ROOMSHY GIRL  PICASSO BY NORA35NORASHEPLEY1234SHY GIRL PICASSO BY NORATHE ARTIST35NORASHEPLEY1234THE ARTISTFEELING BLUE PICASSO BY NORA54NORASHEPLEY1234FEELING BLUE PICASSO BY NORAANOTHER DRINK  PICASSO BY NORA80NORASHEPLEY1234ANOTHER DRINK PICASSO BY NORAPICASSO  CHECKER BOY35NORASHEPLEY1234PICASSO CHECKER BOY2 FACES35NORASHEPLEY12342 FACESGood morning coffee45CheerySeahorseGood morning coffeePuzzled28aprylPuzzledManny(12) ZZZZleeepy time42aakats11Manny(12) ZZZZleeepy timeManny(11) ME-OOOOOW, LIFE is GOOOOD42aakats11Manny(11) ME-OOOOOW, LIFE is GOOOODManny(10) 'BOOTY' Guard B on break42aakats11Manny(10) 'BOOTY' Guard B on breakManny(9) 'BOOTY' Guard A is back42aakats11Manny(9) 'BOOTY' Guard A is backManny(8) 'BOOTY' Guard A on break42aakats11Manny(8) 'BOOTY' Guard A on breakManny(7) and his top two 'BOOTY' Guards42aakats11Manny(7) and his top two 'BOOTY' GuardsManny(6) Take That!! you Kardashians et al42aakats11Manny(6) Take That!! you Kardashians et alBunny Sticking out Tongue60TeperehmiBunny Sticking out Tongue