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Case #56 There will be Blood – EXAVATION SITE198leggie89Case #56 There will be Blood – EXAVATION SITECase #17 Under the Skin – TEMPLE INTERIOR198leggie89Case #17 Under the Skin – TEMPLE INTERIORA DAY AT THE FAIR70TrishaLeeA DAY AT THE FAIRImage96AliaKurdiImagea healthy mind in a healthy body8ninussaa healthy mind in a healthy bodyhamster gymnastyic6ninussahamster gymnastyicAnimaniacs300scafleetAnimaniacs12963473_629532420529203_1278675521479060576_n36shirleygertz12963473_629532420529203_1278675521479060576_nHomer Simpson Brain xray25aprylHomer Simpson Brain xrayAsk your Doctor15aprylAsk your DoctorRegaling  Izzy Fuzzies25tulsa7035Regaling Izzy Fuzziesare you take care of the tooth?8ninussaare you take care of the tooth?I'm going to live?6ninussaI'm going to live?BREATH!6ninussaBREATH!NOT QUITE HOW WE PLANNED IT70TrishaLeeNOT QUITE HOW WE PLANNED ITNO GIRLS ALLOWED72TrishaLeeNO GIRLS ALLOWEDFantom lady35questionFantom ladyFlowers & butterflies35questionFlowers & butterflies12524123_1322379877777526_266119042731413534_n42shirleygertz12524123_1322379877777526_266119042731413534_nThe puzzle shop108sherrie11The puzzle shopa little flying dream8ninussaa little flying dreamVenice Carnevale28auntpatty34Venice CarnevaleA hard day...80PumacsoportA hard day...Water-drop-196Water-drop-19