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Frodo, Golden Retriever mix30TigerjagFrodo, Golden Retriever mixChristopher Clark Sam And Frodo120JimbobovalsocksChristopher Clark Sam And FrodoFrodo240ElanorAdlerFrodoWound in Weathertop300amberlilliesWound in WeathertopWelcome From Lothlorien300amberlilliesWelcome From LothlorienTom, Bert, and William300amberlilliesTom, Bert, and WilliamThe Return of the King300amberlilliesThe Return of the KingThe Forest King300amberlilliesThe Forest KingPlanning an Adventure300amberlilliesPlanning an AdventureMount Doom300amberlilliesMount DoomGo West300amberlilliesGo WestFarewell Frodo289amberlilliesFarewell FrodoBilbo Baggins in Bagend289amberlilliesBilbo Baggins in BagendBilbo Baggins 111th Birthday300amberlilliesBilbo Baggins 111th BirthdayBattle of the Five Armies300amberlilliesBattle of the Five ArmiesFrodo, Sam & Gollum119ArabellaMarieFrodo, Sam & GollumWelcome from Lothlorien, credit: breathing2004(dA)300EmblaWelcome from Lothlorien, credit: breathing2004(dA)Middleearthmap99innoasatanaMiddleearthmapRivendell300SabrithRivendellRadagast40SabrithRadagastBag End28SabrithBag EndThe Fellowship of the Ring - Poster150ZanarkyThe Fellowship of the Ring - PosterFrodo in the Tower of Cirith Ungol100brumeux77Frodo in the Tower of Cirith UngolLe trio, version Seigneur des Anneaux80brumeux77Le trio, version Seigneur des Anneaux