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2.68 It took you forever to learn to say it.35Meeters2.68 It took you forever to learn to say it.Angel and Buffy forever...120Angel and Buffy forever...Rescue Me9BlindTigerRescue MeFriends Forever12mika7Friends ForeverQuinn11300DerkenstaQuinn11Butterfly204ButterflyFlyaway Veil40TigerjagFlyaway VeilOn A Clear Day You Can See Forever99gamtnwxOn A Clear Day You Can See ForeverKatamari150Akuhime813Katamari#Bath Time Will Take Forever Today...12Kaboomer#Bath Time Will Take Forever Today...Older couple - very handsome couple.117AnnaLee56Older couple - very handsome couple.PINK HEARTS300YwYkaPINK HEARTSFragility6jeanie45Fragilitylondon140Nicky23londonLovely July24lydthekidLovely JulyForever-wallpaper-10010890300maf69Forever-wallpaper-10010890Forever 4300MelphieForever 4Forever72sfranguForeverArt of Love6jeanie45Art of LoveSummer Forever Billy Currington49Angelmomme71Summer Forever Billy Curringtonfairy talil180vevejunkafairy talil7f751c5dcbbd491acefa66d563accb22150vevejunka7f751c5dcbbd491acefa66d563accb22Ioan Gruffudd and Judd Hirsch108superlc529Ioan Gruffudd and Judd HirschJo - Best Foot Forward96superlc529Jo - Best Foot Forward