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Halki Village street scene
Worlds End State Park - Pennsylvania
Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Navajo Nation (US)
Mt. Taylor, New Mexico - Threatened Sacred Site
Gila Woodpecker at nest it has made in a saguaro section
Overview Köprülü Canyon National Park, Turkey
Lower Clun-Gwyn waterfall - Vale of Neath
Acoma Pueblo - Sky City, NM
Alhambra Palace at night, Granada, Andulsia - Spain
Iberian Lynx in Donnana National Park Project
National Academy for Performing Arts, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
Need for speed
for Christmas night
Complete the puzzle to see...
Patagonian Govt. rejects 5 dam project and protects this river
Iris Ready for My Closeup
Hand-painted Mexican tiles
#For Me?
*A Little Gift for You...
#Time for Tea
Mount Olympus - Olympic National Park, WA
Clouds Over Eldorado Peak at Sunset, North Cascades National Par