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High Plains Pals by Bridget Voth...48715ajan3High Plains Pals by Bridget Voth...Jane Wooster Scott 'Ego Trip'154rwmainJane Wooster Scott 'Ego Trip''The Path through Callie's Garden' by Bridget Voth48715ajan3'The Path through Callie's Garden' by Bridget Voth^ American Gothic Cat Style Folk Art25300zx^ American Gothic Cat Style Folk ArtCatherine Holman 'Echoes of Trick or Treat'150rwmainCatherine Holman 'Echoes of Trick or Treat'Dowdle 'Vintage Toy Store'150rwmainDowdle 'Vintage Toy Store'Folk-art-farm110Cookie303Folk-art-farmA Pretty Place by Sally Bartos...35715ajan3A Pretty Place by Sally Bartos...Kites in the wind99Cookie303Kites in the windFree Kittens~ Bonnie White99BronwynFree Kittens~ Bonnie WhiteOn The Bay99Cookie303On The BayJudy Wickersham Schauermann 'Sunday at the Harbor'154rwmainJudy Wickersham Schauermann 'Sunday at the Harbor'Charles Wysocki 'Rooster Express'154rwmainCharles Wysocki 'Rooster Express'Bob Pettes 'Norway'150rwmainBob Pettes 'Norway'^ Debi Hubbs folk art20300zx^ Debi Hubbs folk artBob Pettes 'Scotland'150rwmainBob Pettes 'Scotland'Rolling Acres~ Bonnie White wallpaer 1024x768-99BronwynRolling Acres~ Bonnie White wallpaer 1024x768-Bob Pettes, vintage art...99715ajan3Bob Pettes, vintage art...Calico cat99Cookie303Calico catCircus folk art Linda Mears potw96lcrclCircus folk art Linda Mears potwDesert scene99Cookie303Desert sceneTulips100Cookie303TulipsProduce/Quilt sale at the farm99Cookie303Produce/Quilt sale at the farmHorse stable99Cookie303Horse stable