1260 puzzles tagged folk
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painting wizards12caprariucarmenpainting wizardsBob Pettes 'Cooper's Corner Store'154rwmainBob Pettes 'Cooper's Corner Store'Bob Fair 'Tom's Garage'150rwmainBob Fair 'Tom's Garage'Ladybug Buffet9tulsa7035Ladybug Buffet^ Sam Toft art49300zx^ Sam Toft artHappy is the House that Shelters a Friend150rwmainHappy is the House that Shelters a FriendI see spring in the air4tulsa7035I see spring in the airBob Pettes 'McGivney Country Store'150rwmainBob Pettes 'McGivney Country Store'Mixed Hyacinths25tulsa7035Mixed HyacinthsFelt Fabric25tulsa7035Felt FabricBest Friend Smile4tulsa7035Best Friend SmileSomething tells me it's spring25tulsa7035Something tells me it's springBonnie White 'Counting Sheep'154rwmainBonnie White 'Counting Sheep'London Tower Bridge210puzaddictLondon Tower BridgeCoffeeCups HeatherGaller238CarmenDCoffeeCups HeatherGaller^ Jane Wooster Scott - Autumn In New York35300zx^ Jane Wooster Scott - Autumn In New YorkGalveston, Texas25tulsa7035Galveston, TexasBetty Caithness 'Beacon's Cove'150rwmainBetty Caithness 'Beacon's Cove'American-apparel-closet-clothes colorful15caprariucarmenAmerican-apparel-closet-clothes colorfulkitchen ware9caprariucarmenkitchen wareArt Poulin 'Harvest Street Party'150rwmainArt Poulin 'Harvest Street Party'7d6fd8f2a105317b97e6dba00e386afc1207d6fd8f2a105317b97e6dba00e386afcbeautiful cottage with flowers15caprariucarmenbeautiful cottage with flowersBob Pettes 'The Christmas Tree Lot'150rwmainBob Pettes 'The Christmas Tree Lot'