1397 puzzles tagged folk
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^ Iwona Lifsches art42300zx^ Iwona Lifsches artPorca Preta2 liz allen208puzaddictPorca Preta2 liz allenGoing to lofty heights to make a room pretty16tulsa7035Going to lofty heights to make a room pretty^ Carl Larsson ~ Flowers on the Windowsill45300zx^ Carl Larsson ~ Flowers on the WindowsillEllen Stouffer (4)150rwmainEllen Stouffer (4)Bob Fair 'Trimming Hooves'150rwmainBob Fair 'Trimming Hooves'Dashing Through the Snow150rwmainDashing Through the Snow^ Eric Dowdle folk art42300zx^ Eric Dowdle folk artAfternoon Treats by Bonnie White48715ajan3Afternoon Treats by Bonnie WhiteTopiary Falls150rwmainTopiary FallsLess level headed upside down4tulsa7035Less level headed upside downBob Fair 'Time to Talk'150rwmainBob Fair 'Time to Talk'Toys150rwmainToysFresh Produce252rwmainFresh ProduceJoyful Villages150rwmainJoyful Villages^ Sharon Ascherl ~ Helping Grandma in the Garden42300zx^ Sharon Ascherl ~ Helping Grandma in the GardenOn-the-summer-wind120GerivOn-the-summer-wind^ Eric Dowdle ~ Brigham Young Academy42300zx^ Eric Dowdle ~ Brigham Young AcademyChristmas Eve Fly By150rwmainChristmas Eve Fly ByPesky Seagulls150rwmainPesky Seagulls^ Eric Dowdle ~ Flying Aces42300zx^ Eric Dowdle ~ Flying AcesMary Singleton150rwmainMary SingletonSweet Meadowland150rwmainSweet MeadowlandMay Flowers150rwmainMay Flowers