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Snow Sensation25tulsa7035Snow SensationTime Line25tulsa7035Time LineTrying to determine if two heads are better than one4tulsa7035Trying to determine if two heads are better than oneArt Poulin 'Day at the Fair'150rwmainArt Poulin 'Day at the Fair'Watch Tower24tulsa7035Watch TowerThat bird was a pet?4tulsa7035That bird was a pet?The Hive ~ Buzzbee4tulsa7035The Hive ~ BuzzbeePennsylvania Summer150rwmainPennsylvania SummerHail, Hail the gang's all here4tulsa7035Hail, Hail the gang's all hereLegacy basket - artist Unknown154joanshollfrancisLegacy basket - artist UnknownSerious job being his body guards4tulsa7035Serious job being his body guardsPainted Bliss16tulsa7035Painted BlissRainbow Arrangment25tulsa7035Rainbow ArrangmentFencing4tulsa7035FencingDramatic Ellipses25tulsa7035Dramatic EllipsesCopy Paper25tulsa7035Copy Paperrainbow city12caprariucarmenrainbow cityCooling Off150rwmainCooling OffI'm not Morris4tulsa7035I'm not MorrisBob Pettes 'Walnut Grove'150rwmainBob Pettes 'Walnut Grove'In the arms of love4tulsa7035In the arms of loveVirgen e indio300atilaVirgen e indiofolk24hlinikfolkAnimal Crossing220Animal Crossing