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Optical Diffusion25tulsa7035Optical DiffusionPencils and pastels243jwsPencils and pastelsCream and white353jwsCream and whiteOh buoy2523jwsOh buoyCat bed192lenalopezCat bedMary Ann Vessey 'Fireflies'150Rita49Mary Ann Vessey 'Fireflies'Linda Nelson Stocks 'Picnic in the Meadow'154Rita49Linda Nelson Stocks 'Picnic in the Meadow'Charles Wysocki 'Elizabeth's World'154Rita49Charles Wysocki 'Elizabeth's World'Art Poulin 'To the Barns'99Rita49Art Poulin 'To the Barns'LIVIN IN THE COUNTRY96InnovativemomLIVIN IN THE COUNTRYGRANDPA'S BARN99InnovativemomGRANDPA'S BARNSummer Magic~ Mary Charles99BronwynSummer Magic~ Mary CharlesCueca chuquisaqueña - Bolivia20patijewlCueca chuquisaqueña - Bolivia^ Pony ~ Oxana Zaika24300zx^ Pony ~ Oxana ZaikaLinda Nelson Stocks 'Stonewall Visit'150Rita49Linda Nelson Stocks 'Stonewall Visit'Folk Art Cat20Cookie303Folk Art CatCharles Wysocki 1335redsCharles Wysocki 13Raccoon~!12normaloisRaccoon~!Three bunnies~!12normaloisThree bunnies~!NYC graffiti3003jwsNYC graffitiTepoztlan ~Straw bags243jwsTepoztlan ~Straw bagsRed cottage323jwsRed cottageClay pots with blue beads1503jwsClay pots with blue beadsDelicate pastels ~ awaiting embroidery483jwsDelicate pastels ~ awaiting embroidery