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^ Bonnie White ~ Gower Gulch Snake Oil
Think I see Snipe
Bungalo by the brook
Distinctively Green
Flower Power Cookies
Moonshine Village
St. Paul, Minnesota
My human is neat
Snow season
^ Sharon Ascherl ~ Grandmama's Lesson
Quadraphonic Watermelon
Tissue Paper
St. Charles, Missouri
Gathering at School
^ Sharon Ascherl ~ Christmas Eve on Worken Street
Folk Art Flowers
Time to Relax
^ Sharon Ascherl ~ Christmas Season on the Chesapeake Bay
Way down yonder
Kims Cottages 1
Paisley Patterns
Written in the Sand 3 Folk Art Print
^ Sharon Ascherl ~ Lighthouse at James Point
^ Charles Wysocki ~ Bostonians & Beans