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Selfie for the Shelfie9tulsa7035Selfie for the ShelfieEnergy Fractallius30tulsa7035Energy FractalliusJane Wooster Scott 'Little Girl's Delight'99rwmainJane Wooster Scott 'Little Girl's Delight'Charles Wysocki 'The Haberdashery'154rwmainCharles Wysocki 'The Haberdashery'Dowdle 'Chicago Cubs'99rwmainDowdle 'Chicago Cubs'Bob Fair 'Spring Picnic Walk'150rwmainBob Fair 'Spring Picnic Walk'Ann Stookey 1535redsAnn Stookey 15Ann Stookey35redsAnn Stookey^ Mousehole Harbour ~ Nanette Martin30300zx^ Mousehole Harbour ~ Nanette MartinFolk art by Mary Singleton42occhiverdiFolk art by Mary SingletonLa carrozza rossa di David Martiashvili42occhiverdiLa carrozza rossa di David MartiashviliCharles Wysocki40occhiverdiCharles WysockiHORSE COUNTRY99InnovativemomHORSE COUNTRYSOMETHING NEW99InnovativemomSOMETHING NEWGREENS BY THE SEA96InnovativemomGREENS BY THE SEADo We Have To~ MerryKohnBuvia99BronwynDo We Have To~ MerryKohnBuviaFolk art cat painting Gail Younts63WettFolk art cat painting Gail YountsFolk abstract cat- heather galler63WettFolk abstract cat- heather gallerJust the 2 of us4tulsa7035Just the 2 of usArt for the Ages25tulsa7035Art for the Ages^ Farm Market ~ Maureen Newman30300zx^ Farm Market ~ Maureen Newmanfolk art painting289Tarlzfolk art paintingTown Scene Folk Art70Town Scene Folk ArtRural Scene Folk Art70Rural Scene Folk Art