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Sweet on Miss Canary~ MerryKohnBuvia99BronwynSweet on Miss Canary~ MerryKohnBuviaJane Wooster Scott 'Private Enterprise'154rwmainJane Wooster Scott 'Private Enterprise'Dowdle 'Heber Valley'154rwmainDowdle 'Heber Valley'Home is where you make it - Sharon Esther Ascherl35occhiverdiHome is where you make it - Sharon Esther AscherlBest day ever by W. Limvalencia48occhiverdiBest day ever by W. LimvalenciaAmerican folk art - Ralph Fasanella54occhiverdiAmerican folk art - Ralph FasanellaApril~ Mary Singleton99BronwynApril~ Mary SingletonCotswold tea room-Marilyn Dunlap48occhiverdiCotswold tea room-Marilyn DunlapCats and red fishes - Amy Rosenberg42occhiverdiCats and red fishes - Amy RosenbergPurr-fect blooms - Wilfrido Limvalencia48occhiverdiPurr-fect blooms - Wilfrido LimvalenciaHistorical Yorktown~ Dowdle99BronwynHistorical Yorktown~ DowdleSimply Fly Away25tulsa7035Simply Fly AwayAnn Stookey 'Nell's Gift Shoppe'99rwmainAnn Stookey 'Nell's Gift Shoppe'Painting by Ronaldo Mendes42occhiverdiPainting by Ronaldo MendesSwan's Cove~ Wilfrido Limvalencia99BronwynSwan's Cove~ Wilfrido LimvalenciaCharles Wysocki 'Formulating the Plan'154rwmainCharles Wysocki 'Formulating the Plan'Bob Fair 'Cottage Pathway'150rwmainBob Fair 'Cottage Pathway'The singing bakers - W. Limvalencia42occhiverdiThe singing bakers - W. LimvalenciaRussian folk art Firebird633arthyannieRussian folk art FirebirdMary Ann Vessey 'Summer Surprise'150rwmainMary Ann Vessey 'Summer Surprise'Jack Allen 'Marge's Vane'150rwmainJack Allen 'Marge's Vane'Where Someone Lives30tulsa7035Where Someone LivesJane Wooster Scott 'Fetching Florals'154rwmainJane Wooster Scott 'Fetching Florals'Musketeer6tulsa7035Musketeer