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~ Low Poly Art25tulsa7035~ Low Poly Art~ Doing their paper work4tulsa7035~ Doing their paper work~ Lima, Peru25tulsa7035~ Lima, Peru~ Dashing through the snow12tulsa7035~ Dashing through the snow~ Chandelier made from recycled bike parts16tulsa7035~ Chandelier made from recycled bike parts^ Cheryl Folk Art ~ Every life should have nine cats42300zx^ Cheryl Folk Art ~ Every life should have nine cats~ Cottage in Sonnenuntergang25tulsa7035~ Cottage in Sonnenuntergang~ Night market flowers25tulsa7035~ Night market flowers~ Tree Art25tulsa7035~ Tree Art~ This is a cake16tulsa7035~ This is a cake~ Des Moines, Iowa12tulsa7035~ Des Moines, Iowa~ Breezin' down the road25tulsa7035~ Breezin' down the road~ Are you my mommy?4tulsa7035~ Are you my mommy?~ Dinner Napkins25tulsa7035~ Dinner Napkins~ Rainbow Swiss Roll25tulsa7035~ Rainbow Swiss Roll~ Casa Scatola25tulsa7035~ Casa Scatola~ Feeling weak, need a treat4tulsa7035~ Feeling weak, need a treat^ Charles Wysocki ~ Bostonians and Beans48300zx^ Charles Wysocki ~ Bostonians and Beans~ Easter-Eggs25tulsa7035~ Easter-Eggs~ Expressions25tulsa7035~ Expressions~ I could save the day4tulsa7035~ I could save the day~ Carmen25tulsa7035~ Carmen~ Kensington Cottage25tulsa7035~ Kensington Cottage~ Sitting Room25tulsa7035~ Sitting Room