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Bûcher de Savonarole sur la Piazza della Signoria, 1498300ByzantineBûcher de Savonarole sur la Piazza della Signoria, 1498Florencja60basstetFlorencjaOut window of the Bigallo Florence72spotninaOut window of the Bigallo FlorenceIMG_407724IMG_4077Colors of Florence, credit: Dmitri Fomin(500px)273EmblaColors of Florence, credit: Dmitri Fomin(500px)Giotto's Belltower in Florence99Solyci96Giotto's Belltower in FlorenceFirenze, credit: Leonidafremov(dA)252EmblaFirenze, credit: Leonidafremov(dA)FLORENCE90sedeyFLORENCEFruit stand in Florence120Fruit stand in FlorenceFlorence, Italy160ellynFlorence, ItalyFirenze88FirenzeSan Spirito, Oltrarno, Florence156ellynSan Spirito, Oltrarno, FlorenceFlorence and the machine shake it out200llgleoFlorence and the machine shake it outNever let me go252llgleoNever let me goPonte Vecchio, Florence168ellynPonte Vecchio, FlorenceFlorence Italy91contentaFlorence Italyan Arno walk, Florence156ellynan Arno walk, FlorenceItaly, florence truck180Italy, florence truckSan Spirito, Florence144ellynSan Spirito, FlorenceItaly 069168sparklebizItaly 069Italy 041156sparklebizItaly 041Il_Duomo_Florence_Italy70Il_Duomo_Florence_ItalyBasilica Santa Croce, Florence150ellynBasilica Santa Croce, FlorenceFlorence on the Arno150ellynFlorence on the Arno