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John Deere Farm Equipment60goosealleygalJohn Deere Farm EquipmentBlue Ridge Mountains Farm Equipment91goosealleygalBlue Ridge Mountains Farm EquipmentAutumn Farm60goosealleygalAutumn FarmAmish snowplow Winter Farm Work35goosealleygalAmish snowplow Winter Farm WorkAmish kids Harvest Spring Crop of Rocks Farm42goosealleygalAmish kids Harvest Spring Crop of Rocks FarmAmish Spring Farm Discing48goosealleygalAmish Spring Farm DiscingFarm bare tree corn hayrolls56goosealleygalFarm bare tree corn hayrollsAutumn Leaves-Cows32NervebreakerAutumn Leaves-CowsQuenching Their Thurst35NervebreakerQuenching Their ThurstFeeling Her Oats35NervebreakerFeeling Her OatsI'm A Big Boy36NervebreakerI'm A Big BoyFrosty Morn.36NervebreakerFrosty Morn.Dreamy day36NervebreakerDreamy dayBeauties35NervebreakerBeautiesstaying together35Nervebreakerstaying togetherSpirit Horse, watching from the clouds35NervebreakerSpirit Horse, watching from the cloudsHorse in Autumn smells the excitement35NervebreakerHorse in Autumn smells the excitementOld Horse, remembering the days35NervebreakerOld Horse, remembering the daysGrazing lazy Autumn Day35NervebreakerGrazing lazy Autumn DayGoldCoastHorse35NervebreakerGoldCoastHorseHorses Grazing in the autumn colors35NervebreakerHorses Grazing in the autumn colorsHorse-in-autumn35NervebreakerHorse-in-autumnA Black Beauty, living the moment.35NervebreakerA Black Beauty, living the moment.Horses grazing their peaceful valley.35NervebreakerHorses grazing their peaceful valley.