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El Eninero Jorge Rosesvaig90lulu5987El Eninero Jorge RosesvaigSergey Ivchenko 299lulu5987Sergey Ivchenko 2Jester by Maxine gadd56lulu5987Jester by Maxine gaddJasmine by Maxine Gadd48lulu5987Jasmine by Maxine GaddSea fairies by fantasy fairy angel-dazm80k130crmorphisSea fairies by fantasy fairy angel-dazm80kMargaery and Sansa192leonidas42Margaery and Sansafantáziakép6napsugar1958fantáziaképMargaery and Loras120leonidas42Margaery and LorasI don't want to be a Queen by Adventureisoutthere198leonidas42I don't want to be a Queen by AdventureisoutthereFair Lady Margaery by Gunshiprevolution150leonidas42Fair Lady Margaery by GunshiprevolutionMargaery Tyrell by Varsha Vijayan198leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by Varsha VijayanTamrielWorldMap300DransethTamrielWorldMapFall dreamscape60LisetteParker1Fall dreamscapeForget me not Josephine Wall70lulu5987Forget me not Josephine WallBeautiful Magic Fantasy Garden Wallpaper198Beautiful Magic Fantasy Garden Wallpaperit's for me!12ardenait's for me!Fantasy girl28NadinBgFantasy girlFantasy110samuelimFantasySmaug - The Hobbit80coker225Smaug - The HobbitMargaery Tyrell by David192leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by DavidMargaery Tyrell by Alice X Zhang (2)204leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by Alice X Zhang (2)Margaery Tyrell by Alice X Zhang (1)120leonidas42Margaery Tyrell by Alice X Zhang (1)When one door closes, go around16tulsa7035When one door closes, go aroundWhere Lives the Heart25tulsa7035Where Lives the Heart