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Winter Carnival~ Dina Eltseva100BronwynWinter Carnival~ Dina Eltseva15727158_10211391851090167_4757187984932140729_n6315727158_10211391851090167_4757187984932140729_nOn the move by James Bennett48BugsbunnyOn the move by James BennettKentaro Nishino 'Shining Lives'150rwmainKentaro Nishino 'Shining Lives'Sled Hill~ KeithStapleton99BronwynSled Hill~ KeithStapletonMalia, michelle, barack and sasha obama, with bo and sunny, in r300Malia, michelle, barack and sasha obama, with bo and sunny, in rOwl family88goppaOwl familyLiving room brightness.15jillnjoLiving room brightness.Snow Tunes~ Elena Uvarova ii99BronwynSnow Tunes~ Elena Uvarova ii15241810_1466298350064943_840974130649754343_n110MARIAR15241810_1466298350064943_840974130649754343_n5b983e3b2f4b4d52e139592eda4897b524rodet5b983e3b2f4b4d52e139592eda4897b5Time with grandma150sherrie11Time with grandma#The Flintstone's300Kaboomer#The Flintstone's#The Jetson's20Kaboomer#The Jetson'sUna famiglia di pinguini60mimo54Una famiglia di pinguiniFamily room.16jillnjoFamily room.The MoretheMerrier~ JohnSloane ii99BronwynThe MoretheMerrier~ JohnSloane iiFun pictures 03599Fun pictures 035BABY ROBINS12zipnonBABY ROBINSCanadian Merganser Duck Family36AmyJoyCanadian Merganser Duck FamilyRosalia's New Skates~ Bonnie White 499BronwynRosalia's New Skates~ Bonnie White 4Czes Pachela - Family day out20patijewlCzes Pachela - Family day outFamily35bardunFamilyA Full Day's Work~ John Sloane 299BronwynA Full Day's Work~ John Sloane 2