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Architecture70carmenrArchitecture^ Dodie Thayer lettuce ware35300zx^ Dodie Thayer lettuce wareMansion48carmenrMansion^ Outdoor table24300zx^ Outdoor table^ Covered Gazebo35300zx^ Covered Gazebo^ Sun Room35300zx^ Sun Room^ Outdoor seating in aqua35300zx^ Outdoor seating in aquaWheel trims40FadeWheel trimsyellow exterior60pizzapopyellow exterior^ Dining on the Patio35300zx^ Dining on the Patio^ Whimsical Chicken Coop35300zx^ Whimsical Chicken CoopHouses80carmenrHouses^ Come, sit, relax35300zx^ Come, sit, relax^ Garden stairs35300zx^ Garden stairs^ Only in the desert where it never rains ~ House Beautiful maga6300zx^ Only in the desert where it never rains ~ House Beautiful magaBayt al-Aqqad, Damascus99EcclesiastesBayt al-Aqqad, DamascusJewish Quarter, Damascus99EcclesiastesJewish Quarter, DamascusEa20104f-a909-47e2-8667-9a6ba727d470.1.1012ardenaEa20104f-a909-47e2-8667-9a6ba727d470.1.10house and garden63carmenrhouse and gardenAzm Palace, Damascus99EcclesiastesAzm Palace, Damascus^ Seating at The Orient Hotel28300zx^ Seating at The Orient Hotel#'The Alien'28Kaboomer#'The Alien'mini garden12ardenamini gardenArchitecture80carmenrArchitecture