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Volcano Eruption300PuzzlePrincess96Volcano EruptionEtna volcano, Sicily209irenetsEtna volcano, SicilyErupcion volcánica91VIXENErupcion volcánicaVolcano24ctompkins44VolcanoBlue Volcano - Ethiopia70marymeowBlue Volcano - EthiopiaSangeang Api eruption72CoraGHSangeang Api eruptionEruption70CoraGHEruptionMount Orange20Mount OrangeTungurahua eruption300reilahtanTungurahua eruptionCotopaxi Volcano Equador (in the park of the same name)72swreaderCotopaxi Volcano Equador (in the park of the same name)Forces of Nature35RobinBForces of NatureCotopaxi Volcano Andes Mountains198MichaelHCotopaxi Volcano Andes MountainsVolcanic eruption12SuperbeNuitVolcanic eruptionBardarbunga 201491Bardarbunga 2014Arenal National Park, Costa Rica - Nature's Fireworks90leoleobobeoArenal National Park, Costa Rica - Nature's Fireworkscomputer art12ardenacomputer artSnowy Peak Volcano Eruption120gamtnwxSnowy Peak Volcano EruptionVolcano-lightning12ardenaVolcano-lightningCalbuco volcano Chile300maryemCalbuco volcano ChileMonte Vesuvio, Pompei100EcclesiastesMonte Vesuvio, PompeiPart of the Crater of Kilauea88swreaderPart of the Crater of KilaueaThe Eruption300Taty73The EruptionValley of Ten Thousand Smokes60swreaderValley of Ten Thousand SmokesLava flows on the big island60swreaderLava flows on the big island