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Tom Newsom (1)150rwmainTom Newsom (1)Dragon and Elven Woman99Azeneth911Dragon and Elven WomanNew Year Midnight Clock60slowerthanyouNew Year Midnight ClockOld New Year's Postcard 560slowerthanyouOld New Year's Postcard 5COME ALONG THEADORE,SANTA NEEDS US...70TrishaLeeCOME ALONG THEADORE,SANTA NEEDS US...Song Practice With the Elves~99BronwynSong Practice With the Elves~Mary-Thompson-Christmas-painting63gelsominaMary-Thompson-Christmas-paintingLOADING THE AIRPLANE FOR THE HOTTER REGIONS THE RIENDEER DONT GO70TrishaLeeLOADING THE AIRPLANE FOR THE HOTTER REGIONS THE RIENDEER DONT GOElves91janellecarterElvesMary Thompson 'Santa's Quilt Bee'160rwmainMary Thompson 'Santa's Quilt Bee'Gnomesville~ LarsCarlsson72BronwynGnomesville~ LarsCarlssonSanta's Big List~ George Hinke90BronwynSanta's Big List~ George HinkeChristmas Santa Claus-painting60gelsominaChristmas Santa Claus-paintingChecking his list...84TrishaLeeChecking his list...Michael Philip Gustafsson 'Christmas Carols'150rwmainMichael Philip Gustafsson 'Christmas Carols'^ Scott Gustafson ~ Santa at the North Pole35300zx^ Scott Gustafson ~ Santa at the North PoleRivendale2220tmcdukeRivendale2The Patient Elves154rwmainThe Patient Elves^ Seasonal decorated cookies35300zx^ Seasonal decorated cookiesMini garden300dms489Mini garden1491300poisonivy6014911466300poisonivy601466ART BY ANTON PIECK (NOSTALGIC/FAIRY TALE-LIKE CHARACTERS)60TrishaLeeART BY ANTON PIECK (NOSTALGIC/FAIRY TALE-LIKE CHARACTERS)1444300poisonivy601444