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!cid 84833A2839534861A40387D1C71386CD@pc0742d8204333130!cid 84833A2839534861A40387D1C71386CD@pc0742d8204333I can push -Jan 2/15-wild earth safari91eiguocI can push -Jan 2/15-wild earth safariElephant heart trunks32Kaycee55Elephant heart trunksCircus-Monte Carlo~126BronwynCircus-Monte Carlo~Ellies in sunset150Cat120Ellies in sunsetElephants & Acrobats~ Mears90BronwynElephants & Acrobats~ MearsElephants at Sunset on the Serengeti60swreaderElephants at Sunset on the SerengetiCircus Parade-Elephants120BronwynCircus Parade-ElephantsElephants can hold a gallon of water in their trunks32RoniPoohElephants can hold a gallon of water in their trunksShona Eyes BJJ204NootkaRoseShona Eyes BJJ#Somewhere in Africa231Kaboomer#Somewhere in AfricaAfrican Elephant surrounded by Red-Billed Quelea35RoniPoohAfrican Elephant surrounded by Red-Billed QueleaWading Elephant45Kaycee55Wading ElephantElephants & Impalas70teacherdiverElephants & ImpalasBeautiful African Elephant herd128westtexasgalBeautiful African Elephant herdThe Greatest Show on Earth~ WoosterScott180BronwynThe Greatest Show on Earth~ WoosterScottElephants in the Okavango Delta. Botswana130TinaH65Elephants in the Okavango Delta. BotswanaEliHalpin225CarmenDEliHalpinI Can Fly99PoophI Can Fly#Calf Elephants Playing12Kaboomer#Calf Elephants PlayingElephants of Coastal East Africa128DarlaElephants of Coastal East AfricaTimbo and Kara60sweetcherryxTimbo and KaraHerd of Elephants going home - Chobe National Park, Botswana80swreaderHerd of Elephants going home - Chobe National Park, BotswanaBFF Baby Elephants40Kaycee55BFF Baby Elephants