49 puzzles tagged election

8009714-3x2-940x6271708009714-3x2-940x627American flag at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New Yo35heringAmerican flag at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New YoElect50ElectCandidates40Teach0285CandidatesConclave, Chapelle Sixtine, Vatican98puzlartConclave, Chapelle Sixtine, VaticanRaccordement de la cheminée, Vatican100puzlartRaccordement de la cheminée, VaticanCandidate Clash~ Ben Kimberly Prins 281BronwynCandidate Clash~ Ben Kimberly Prins 2Obama192SFDanObamaDonna L. Carnall192carnallDonna L. CarnallComey How do you sleep at night?256SpiritofJoyMTComey How do you sleep at night?T.R.U.M.P20T.R.U.M.PHomer and Trump on escalator300Homer and Trump on escalatorJenny Wins35RandlerJenny WinsFlag-at-winco-seagull35Patricia4jFlag-at-winco-seagullFrench newspaper, Plantu, 9 nov 201635heringFrench newspaper, Plantu, 9 nov 2016New World, Dilem36heringNew World, DilemNew president in USA, Chappatte35heringNew president in USA, ChappatteThe day after35heringThe day afterChappatte35heringChappatteMatson Cagle35heringMatson CagleLisa Benson24heringLisa BensonReaction ....35heringReaction ....Tiger in Russia35heringTiger in RussiaYes, We Can96thejacobwallerYes, We Can