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mythological-goddess70TrishaLeemythological-goddessOld Key West300Old Key WestArtistic impression of an Earth analog24epasatiemposArtistic impression of an Earth analogThandi -female leopard Jan 29.16112eiguocThandi -female leopard Jan 29.16Polution Free Travel50Polution Free TravelReed Flute Cave, China70marymeowReed Flute Cave, ChinaGrand Floridian300Grand FloridianEconomy Green World70PattyOliveiraEconomy Green WorldWorld Map Made of Spices35MEHallWorld Map Made of Spices04300stylt04Earth Day36smile4funEarth DayScenec world over the Blue Mountains88shaperScenec world over the Blue MountainsGraceland.image99scameron262Graceland.imageStone Face35LetiBravoStone FaceZimbabwe by Robin Hammond35heringZimbabwe by Robin Hammondgiant's causeway48Knawnsgiant's causewaySouthern yellow hornbill Jan. 18 1691eiguocSouthern yellow hornbill Jan. 18 16JPA_7284150JPA_7284Marshland Waterfall60marymeowMarshland WaterfallEarth from NASA's Terra.spacecraft.363cpuzzleEarth from NASA's Terra.spacecraft.3Earth from NASA's Terra.spacecraft.463cpuzzleEarth from NASA's Terra.spacecraft.4The Plaza of San Francisco in Quito’s historic Old Town60swreaderThe Plaza of San Francisco in Quito’s historic Old Town13015425_1137169646339942_7700185755130633236_n240cocopeach13015425_1137169646339942_7700185755130633236_nCotopaxi Volcano Equador (in the park of the same name)72swreaderCotopaxi Volcano Equador (in the park of the same name)