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16143263_10155034536022755_8534078591398734008_n300ROB1234123416143263_10155034536022755_8534078591398734008_nMiniature world: Long way to go50KatinkaGardenerMiniature world: Long way to goEarth rising150SpookymommaEarth risingThe Shire209EldamarThe ShireMiniature world: Caterpillar60KatinkaGardenerMiniature world: CaterpillarMiniature world: Cute bumble bee49KatinkaGardenerMiniature world: Cute bumble beeMiniature world: Swimming63KatinkaGardenerMiniature world: SwimmingDown On The Farm300WatervillefirefighterDown On The FarmMiniature world: Blue seeds81KatinkaGardenerMiniature world: Blue seedsA World is Made of Books15A World is Made of BooksWonderful world: Smiley on the wing :)63KatinkaGardenerWonderful world: Smiley on the wing :)Wonderful world: Orchid mantis 263KatinkaGardenerWonderful world: Orchid mantis 2Wonderful world: Orchid mantis 160KatinkaGardenerWonderful world: Orchid mantis 1Miniature world: Worm or flower?60KatinkaGardenerMiniature world: Worm or flower?Feuer & Eis96KUKKIFeuer & Eisbug rolls world12ardenabug rolls worldGold Rush Cafe300WatervillefirefighterGold Rush CafeMiniature world: A peek48KatinkaGardenerMiniature world: A peekAnza-Borrego Desert35LetiBravoAnza-Borrego DesertAmerica usa36LetiBravoAmerica usaMiniature world: Which one gives way?50KatinkaGardenerMiniature world: Which one gives way?Travel the world300komentonTravel the worldMiniature world: Fluffy dandelion80KatinkaGardenerMiniature world: Fluffy dandelionSpace56sherrie11Space