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Beach at Twilight300OceannaBeach at TwilightPillar of Rialto Beach at Dawn45swreaderPillar of Rialto Beach at DawnMid-morning sunrise lights a cave ln Thailand70swreaderMid-morning sunrise lights a cave ln ThailandEach peach pear plum puzzle pic24Each peach pear plum puzzle picTumblr_mmqxswQy5w1rjf55wo1_500198Lynx77Tumblr_mmqxswQy5w1rjf55wo1_500Moments In Time35Moments In TimeElke Puzzle35Elke PuzzleBeach Buddies63Beach BuddiesOrangejuice72OrangejuiceOlivia de Havilland To Each His Own35SquimyOlivia de Havilland To Each His OwnVienna, Palais de la Sécession, Austria98puzlartVienna, Palais de la Sécession, AustriaThe Best Of Sisters35The Best Of Sisterscome back summer, all is forgiven!112barduncome back summer, all is forgiven!5d39b4f7df65eccc8f32349d313d8dac965d39b4f7df65eccc8f32349d313d8dacMy Two Granddaughters Enjoying Each Other24DarlaMy Two Granddaughters Enjoying Each OtherFacing Away12lydthekidFacing AwayClassic Turkish Angora White Cat36swreaderClassic Turkish Angora White CatUntitled300UntitledMade-for-each-other-wak_small[1]130MsFayeMade-for-each-other-wak_small[1]