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baby beans300baby beansBunny in the grass72djeanBunny in the grassSpying on the dwarf15patijewlSpying on the dwarfAlternate universes18patijewlAlternate universesChris Rahn The Hobbit152JimbobovalsocksChris Rahn The HobbitApril 00232April 002^ Bonsai dwarf trees36300zx^ Bonsai dwarf treesThe Seven Dwarfs77KarindThe Seven DwarfsDwarf kingfisher24patijewlDwarf kingfisherRsz dwarf hamster by eriktjernlund-d3frlku96Rsz dwarf hamster by eriktjernlund-d3frlkuDwarf sloth54CzarinaDwarf slothThorin54draugvenThorinDwarf Goat6SpidersnailDwarf GoatThe hobbit by seki0930247loramirThe hobbit by seki0930Rivendell by art imaginations180loramirRivendell by art imaginationsAnd back again by arisuonpaa-d6058c0260loramirAnd back again by arisuonpaa-d6058c0A whole bunch of dwarves and a hobbit by juliedillon-d5w5gxe252loramirA whole bunch of dwarves and a hobbit by juliedillon-d5w5gxeEarly Spring 2015 008 crop small42Early Spring 2015 008 crop smallseven dwarfs15qwertzseven dwarfs393988_10150579332034034_1873030558_n99393988_10150579332034034_1873030558_ngnome12qwertzgnomeRed Dwarf88Red DwarfRed Dwarf X77Red Dwarf XBalin the Dwarf99CinnieBalin the Dwarf