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Kabouter35adelsonKabouterDwarf minke whale70shaperDwarf minke whaleSnowwhite dwarves1300angels626Snowwhite dwarves1Dwarf rabbit from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99100auricle99Dwarf rabbit from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99baby beans300baby beansBunny in the grass72djeanBunny in the grassSpying on the dwarf15patijewlSpying on the dwarfAlternate universes18patijewlAlternate universesChris Rahn The Hobbit152JimbobovalsocksChris Rahn The HobbitApril 00232April 002^ Bonsai dwarf trees36300zx^ Bonsai dwarf treesThe Seven Dwarfs77KarindThe Seven DwarfsDwarf kingfisher24patijewlDwarf kingfisherRsz dwarf hamster by eriktjernlund-d3frlku96Rsz dwarf hamster by eriktjernlund-d3frlkuDwarf sloth54CzarinaDwarf slothThorin54draugvenThorinDwarf Goat6SpidersnailDwarf GoatThe hobbit by seki0930247loramirThe hobbit by seki0930Rivendell by art imaginations180loramirRivendell by art imaginationsAnd back again by arisuonpaa-d6058c0260loramirAnd back again by arisuonpaa-d6058c0A whole bunch of dwarves and a hobbit by juliedillon-d5w5gxe252loramirA whole bunch of dwarves and a hobbit by juliedillon-d5w5gxeEarly Spring 2015 008 crop small42Early Spring 2015 008 crop smallseven dwarfs15qwertzseven dwarfs393988_10150579332034034_1873030558_n99393988_10150579332034034_1873030558_n