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Wood duck12mika7Wood duckDonald300JodelDonaldDuck1300JodelDuck1Duck300JodelDuckDuck300JodelDuckDuck35NicoleEKDuckDuckies99RebelhenDuckiesCrossing Guard...300RoBaischCrossing Guard...+ Purple Billed Ducks15Victory3103+ Purple Billed DucksMill in the forest in autumn24gelsominaMill in the forest in autumnDucks on the Dam (pond) - Jan Legg ©3204leggie89Ducks on the Dam (pond) - Jan Legg ©3Appaloosa in water-ducks90nobody0Appaloosa in water-ducksThe ugly duckling16patijewlThe ugly ducklingA duck kid35occhiverdiA duck kidThe amazing colorful mandarin duck20puzzlesr4funThe amazing colorful mandarin duckBoy and a duck56cottagehillBoy and a duckWaterslide Fun256rachels18Waterslide Fun20170731_18160512020170731_181605I wuv my ducky99RebelhenI wuv my duckyReflections~ JohnSloane99BronwynReflections~ JohnSloaneSummer Pastures-1920x144099BronwynSummer Pastures-1920x1440Voth, Bridget Bengal Cat by Duck Pond108docrabbitsVoth, Bridget Bengal Cat by Duck PondRetro cottage in the woods99scameron262Retro cottage in the woodsDonald Duck 50's Cadillac70NiftyFiftiesDonald Duck 50's Cadillac