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Dscn551770UtopiahDscn5517flowers and drops63adamo0777flowers and dropsRain Drops255AplCdrRain DropsMorning Jewels by Vinography96shadysea720Morning Jewels by VinographyOrange marasmiaceae12patijewlOrange marasmiaceaeBehind the diamonds of rain by sandy515150MicheeltjeBehind the diamonds of rain by sandy515Dark waterdrops by sirkad-d323yhl80MicheeltjeDark waterdrops by sirkad-d323yhlmorning flower15ardenamorning flowerawesome rose6ardenaawesome rosewater drops8ardenawater dropswonderful combination12ardenawonderful combinationin the rain12ardenain the rainDew drops12patijewlDew dropsA-454198A-454Rhododendron144DIMLRhododendronDrops6mika7DropsBubbles in champagne ... You can see the strawberry reflected!140marylusantillan1950Bubbles in champagne ... You can see the strawberry reflected!Plunk140marylusantillan1950PlunkWater droplets136marylusantillan1950Water dropletsSee this drop of water and feel good140marylusantillan1950See this drop of water and feel goodAfter the rain63DIMLAfter the rainRed by inadesign70MicheeltjeRed by inadesignPlum tree after rain15LibellulePlum tree after rainPurple rain by pqphotography150MicheeltjePurple rain by pqphotography