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Dew drops88GrizWizzDew drops#Coconut Topped Cake6Kaboomer#Coconut Topped CakeRaindrops on petals35catmom040Raindrops on petalsdrops on tradescantia leaves IMG_217535girondinedrops on tradescantia leaves IMG_2175Drops48Ioana91DropsDrops70Ioana91DropsDrops35Ioana91Dropsbug on peony IMG_189924girondinebug on peony IMG_1899The end IMG_190820girondineThe end IMG_1908tulip after rain IMG_191330girondinetulip after rain IMG_1913On a green leaf20mika7On a green leaf#Dew Drops on a Ladybug112Kaboomer#Dew Drops on a Ladybug#Beauyiful Ladybug12Kaboomer#Beauyiful LadybugDrip9llgreggDripRaindrops on Flower by Rish Photography49AppleBRaindrops on Flower by Rish Photographycolorful water drops12qwertzcolorful water dropscolor rain drops on glass16qwertzcolor rain drops on glassVarious 513 spiders web300PixiVarious 513 spiders webBiffobear-1303464270252SirRealBiffobear-1303464270Colourful drops of water12mika7Colourful drops of water^ Gum drops48300zx^ Gum dropsInternational women's day198PinkieInternational women's day^ Gum Drops42300zx^ Gum Dropshopeful rain252moniwallhopeful rain