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Peaceful Water15ctompkins44Peaceful WaterLonely Droplet150EmbeeLonely DropletWar of the Worlds18applefirewaterWar of the WorldsCherry Drop160WindyMillerCherry DropRain-Drops-on-Coffee-Bean96RiedieRain-Drops-on-Coffee-Beanwater drops6qwertzwater dropsDrop of water35puzzlesr4funDrop of waterPerfection35puzzlesr4funPerfectionBlue and green clover156diana473Blue and green cloverIMG_182735RevHilaryIMG_1827IMG_4228[1]98IMG_4228[1]Close view of Athabasca Falls, known for large volume of water70swreaderClose view of Athabasca Falls, known for large volume of watercolorful drop12ardenacolorful dropWater Drop300Taty73Water Dropwater drops8ardenawater dropsPetals dew12ardenaPetals dewdew drops6qwertzdew dropsDrop63VIXENDropgrasses weeds and reflections12qwertzgrasses weeds and reflectionsbeauty of nature6qwertzbeauty of natureDrip Drop36PeacelovingDrip DropWater drop from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99108auricle99Water drop from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99drop of water60hanhuadrop of waterPlum tree after rain15LibellulePlum tree after rain