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Bright-abstract-desktop-background300QofcheezBright-abstract-desktop-background88fbb1d82e00027dcf3a42bfbd5bbdda48kackley88fbb1d82e00027dcf3a42bfbd5bbddaFlying through the air by ingelore-dalqj6l300Flying through the air by ingelore-dalqj6lBig drop72shaperBig dropPretty rain-drop leaves180thechefguyPretty rain-drop leavesDroplets on a leaf120thechefguyDroplets on a leafpurple rose12ardenapurple rosewater drops6qwertzwater dropsgold & rain8ardenagold & rainrose in the rain12ardenarose in the rainkissed by the dew12qwertzkissed by the dewMacro 76 (Water drops on dandelion flower fluff)300KaraMelekMacro 76 (Water drops on dandelion flower fluff)Gouttes en lumière96ValerieLGouttes en lumièreGoutte en ombre et lumière100ValerieLGoutte en ombre et lumièrelittle ladybag12ardenalittle ladybagRosée sur pétale99ValerieLRosée sur pétaleladybug insect12ardenaladybug insectabstract design12qwertzabstract designWater Drop72Cookie303Water DropPeaceful Water15ctompkins44Peaceful Waterdrops on a glass12qwertzdrops on a glassPeaceful Water15ctompkins44Peaceful WaterLonely Droplet150EmbeeLonely DropletWar of the Worlds18applefirewaterWar of the Worlds