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Guarding the Sheep16bodhi4meGuarding the Sheepdonkey300splitty00donkeyWinnie the Pooh120VIXENWinnie the Poohold gold miner35sadladyold gold minerTaking the fruit to town.108alseaTaking the fruit to town.Âne marron, aquarelle35Vinca0Âne marron, aquarelleDonkey standing in ruin35heringDonkey standing in ruinMurray Bay Donkey Wants a Cuddle35AmyJoyMurray Bay Donkey Wants a CuddleGranja99VIXENGranjagas delivery80bardungas deliveryA cute pair.....24normaloisA cute pair.....Diuris punctata Purple Diuris 16 11 0599Diuris punctata Purple Diuris 16 11 05Mama & Baby Donkey6TigerjagMama & Baby DonkeyAfternoon Chat63KarindAfternoon ChatBurro Toys60AmyJoyBurro ToysCutie48roseinwinterCutieMom, they're looking at us..300RoBaischMom, they're looking at us..Burrito Jake168blaksmythBurrito JakeMiniature donkey70AjaxxMiniature donkeyHappy donkey150AjaxxHappy donkeyAli Baba by Lia Selina20patijewlAli Baba by Lia SelinaBaby burro300OceannaBaby burroAnes280CbouchezAnesDonkey-With-Heart-Shape-Sunglasses-Funny-Face-Picture-For-Whatsa143Donkey-With-Heart-Shape-Sunglasses-Funny-Face-Picture-For-Whatsa