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Lucca and Sonoma 20080203 0006Enhanced280Lucca and Sonoma 20080203 0006EnhancedAnother Hank Napping In The Snow150thecrazysheepladyAnother Hank Napping In The SnowEnglish-Springer-Spaniel90claudiacm1146English-Springer-SpanielSpaniel & English Setter88claudiacm1146Spaniel & English SetterGerman shepherd100lobaGerman shepherdcolorful dog12Elly09colorful dogadorable pup99lobaadorable pupsleeping beauty100lobasleeping beautyPug in a rug?15bodhi4mePug in a rug?Lassie-photo[2]24Lassie-photo[2]Kotek i piesek w koszyku126TuptusiaKotek i piesek w koszyku☺♥ Puppies...15Celestialflyer☺♥ Puppies...Lazy Dog35WiccaSmurfLazy DogGinny in the woods112goodhc1Ginny in the woodsDingo Daisy132olivenginDingo DaisyHonest ... I didn't do it ...70leoleobobeoHonest ... I didn't do it ...Chuck Black's Wildlife and Art dog289afeistygalChuck Black's Wildlife and Art dogA beauty100lobaA beautyGerman shepherd100lobaGerman shepherdCanadian arctic 2015252zatjiCanadian arctic 2015Cuddledogs300CuddledogsCat cap12patijewlCat capSnaggle toothed dog6bodhi4meSnaggle toothed dogStreet corner dog12bodhi4meStreet corner dog