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dog on the bench24sadladydog on the benchHund zwischen Rosen150KUKKIHund zwischen RosenSugar for the Horses~ RayCresswell99BronwynSugar for the Horses~ RayCresswellMonkey on my back56RebelhenMonkey on my backPreston at Mowry Conversation Area 2117devon451Preston at Mowry Conversation Area 2P3 - 034b238musicmonkeyP3 - 034bCocker Spaniel Puppy among flowers35njfreemanCocker Spaniel Puppy among flowersTête de labrador couché sur sa patte42Vinca0Tête de labrador couché sur sa pattePreston at Lincoln Woods117devon451Preston at Lincoln WoodsPreston at Mowry Conversation Area108devon451Preston at Mowry Conversation AreaP3 - 033180musicmonkeyP3 - 033Bella72WalkingBuffaloMan888Bella776af182b035a58216bdd772d751369b70TrishaLee776af182b035a58216bdd772d751369bDog and kitty24Dajana49Dog and kittyDoorway to the Beach~ Sarah Adams99BronwynDoorway to the Beach~ Sarah AdamsWeirs, Persis Clayton - Dog & Cat63Kat512Weirs, Persis Clayton - Dog & CatHow Pretty Am I35njfreemanHow Pretty Am IDogtective-Sherlock Homes35njfreemanDogtective-Sherlock HomesPomeranian140PomeranianBefore work!4jillnjoBefore work!Waiting for Dinner54KarindWaiting for DinnerFetch35jayniebbFetchIMG-20160516-WA0013160IMG-20160516-WA0013dog sitting in the sun20sadladydog sitting in the sun