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Friendship40NatureFriendshipWaiting by John Sloane...48715ajan3Waiting by John Sloane...Homemade Scones~ Tracy Hall99BronwynHomemade Scones~ Tracy HallSpotted dog with lamb126georgiabyrdSpotted dog with lambPoofy Chloe192knitchickPoofy Chloekomondors on Grenen Beach20StaceyB302komondors on Grenen Beach1916442108Jose19501916442Pinterest, Found on, Found on' The Dream6roberta1Livin' The Dreamborder collie286malilou04border collie12583697102300mariamar7212583697102border collie228malilou04border collieJustOutofReach~ Jim Daly99BronwynJustOutofReach~ Jim DalyPuppy snout dog112Jose1950Puppy snout dogPuppies dogs couple beautiful120Jose1950Puppies dogs couple beautifulPug face happy look puppy112Jose1950Pug face happy look puppyHolly in Garden204Holly in Garden'Dynamic Duo' by Fred Calleri, beautiful art...80715ajan3'Dynamic Duo' by Fred Calleri, beautiful art...'Like Butter' by Fred Calleri, so sweet...48715ajan3'Like Butter' by Fred Calleri, so sweet...dog6hlinikdogFOR DOG LOVERS198cacabuckFOR DOG LOVERSDSCN1495136miniroxDSCN1495Izzy in NC421brettmomIzzy in NCBlue Kerchief20janea35Blue Kerchief