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Boxer48VIXENBoxerPuppy15NadinBgPuppyPleasant view from my favourite tree24john2Pleasant view from my favourite treeFiesta dogs by Victoria De Almeida60lulu5987Fiesta dogs by Victoria De Almeidacrafty schnauzer by Brooke Faulder70lulu5987crafty schnauzer by Brooke FaulderPuppy24NadinBgPuppyAutumn Falls~ Derek Roberts HD wp99BronwynAutumn Falls~ Derek Roberts HD wpMace on a windy day80OrchardHillMace on a windy day009248hqwhqw0092Freya roses204PChefLucyFreya rosesAutumn Fun99CoolValAutumn FunOK! Take the picture!35LavenderRoseOK! Take the picture!I love Autumn! b35LavenderRoseI love Autumn! bI love Autumn! a35LavenderRoseI love Autumn! aHere Mommy! I picked you a leaf!35LavenderRoseHere Mommy! I picked you a leaf!I like Autumn! c40LavenderRoseI like Autumn! cCome Find Me!35LavenderRoseCome Find Me!Fido Loving the Autumn Sun35LavenderRoseFido Loving the Autumn SunChew'em All Up!28LavenderRoseChew'em All Up!Good Place for a Nap24LavenderRoseGood Place for a NapPet Horse24SayutskaPet HorseHorse-dog90nobody0Horse-dogDalmation100nobody0DalmationYes I'm Gorgeous24LavenderRoseYes I'm Gorgeous