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Dogs - Car Full of Dogs90Magpie627Dogs - Car Full of DogsMom and son ...42leoleobobeoMom and son ...Take your pick!4jillnjoTake your pick!Amigos durmiendo49VIXENAmigos durmiendoIditarod Sled Dogs - Alaska45AciegirlIditarod Sled Dogs - Alaskahappy corgi24sadladyhappy corgilovely vacation9ardenalovely vacationChien aux pétales de fleurs99ValerieLChien aux pétales de fleursChien35dhcpChienBlue ribbon groomer42occhiverdiBlue ribbon groomerSpring Gathering~ JohnSloane 1280x960-99BronwynSpring Gathering~ JohnSloane 1280x960-D6bed23a4419d3e33d1031f161f0e90930rodetD6bed23a4419d3e33d1031f161f0e909Ruby's twin35PANTHERCLAWSRuby's twinCow sit like dog132Cat1909Cow sit like dogPuppy80epasatiemposPuppydogs in barn by William Hunt35sadladydogs in barn by William HuntDog washing300barbvanbenDog washingBeach dogs300barbvanbenBeach dogsMgyg4fgyugkjj70Mgyg4fgyugkjjWaiting on the Bench18Cookie303Waiting on the BenchHorning Landscape~ Czes Pachela99BronwynHorning Landscape~ Czes PachelaHurry befor the Storm~80BronwynHurry befor the Storm~Kitten & German Shepard100WittyKittyKitten & German ShepardShepherd puppy.4jillnjoShepherd puppy.