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^ Picnic Time ~ Packer Creek Pottery28300zx^ Picnic Time ~ Packer Creek PotteryFood150carmenrFoodReading in the Salon~ Karl Maria Schuster (1871-1953)90BronwynReading in the Salon~ Karl Maria Schuster (1871-1953)Morocco, Alberto Coffee Time100docrabbitsMorocco, Alberto Coffee TimeDinnerware80carmenrDinnerwareFood120carmenrFoodAssorted food108carmenrAssorted foodTea party48carmenrTea partyTea time90alseaTea time^ Spring table setting35300zx^ Spring table settingTableware56carmenrTablewareBreakfast96carmenrBreakfastPottery100carmenrPotteryTea set100carmenrTea setTableware100carmenrTablewareTower Pink35FortunesafloatTower PinkGrandeur Dishes35FortunesafloatGrandeur DishesMortimer, Ann Tabby on the Sideboard100docrabbitsMortimer, Ann Tabby on the SideboardMortimer, Ann Cats on the Dining Table108docrabbitsMortimer, Ann Cats on the Dining TableCountry Tea Party60WyoAZgalCountry Tea PartyPink Tapioca Tea Party54WyoAZgalPink Tapioca Tea PartyGarden Tea Time88WyoAZgalGarden Tea TimeTea Party Pastries70WyoAZgalTea Party Pastries^ Snowman Place Setting20300zx^ Snowman Place Setting