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Devonshire Cream Tea on a wooden table70feralblueDevonshire Cream Tea on a wooden tableBrisket sandwich228QofcheezBrisket sandwichMac and cheese quesadilla300QofcheezMac and cheese quesadillaStuffed squash300QofcheezStuffed squashChili con carne omelette300QofcheezChili con carne omeletteSpicy garlic dill pickles300QofcheezSpicy garlic dill picklesCorned beef on rye300QofcheezCorned beef on ryeDreamy168AmyJoyDreamy#Coffee Ice Cream128Kaboomer#Coffee Ice CreamFood70andreeamFood#Fresh Srawberry Pancakes220Kaboomer#Fresh Srawberry Pancakes#Orange, Blueberry & Banana Yogurt150Kaboomer#Orange, Blueberry & Banana Yogurt#Peaches, Apricots, Plums & Cherries72Kaboomer#Peaches, Apricots, Plums & Cherries#Strawberries, Peaches & Roses Still Life35Kaboomer#Strawberries, Peaches & Roses Still LifeSpinach artichoke bacon dip198QofcheezSpinach artichoke bacon dipCheddar bacon and apple pizza198QofcheezCheddar bacon and apple pizzaEggs benedict bacon spinach muffin221QofcheezEggs benedict bacon spinach muffinCheesy corn dip240QofcheezCheesy corn dipBeef sliders240QofcheezBeef slidersBLT228QofcheezBLTShakshuka221QofcheezShakshukaSalmon skewers221QofcheezSalmon skewersChicken sandwich with swiss and onions221QofcheezChicken sandwich with swiss and onionsWaffles with turkey havarti cranberry sauce221QofcheezWaffles with turkey havarti cranberry sauce