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Parfaits60GoldGalParfaitsit's for me!12ardenait's for me!Sugar Cookies for Christmas24TigerjagSugar Cookies for ChristmasDessert56FarzanaDessertCake60FarzanaCakehealthy food12ardenahealthy foodFresh Apple Pie63TattooedTigerFresh Apple PieHot Chocolate Delight209EuphoricSpiceHot Chocolate Delightraspberry meringue221mandybecksraspberry meringueChocolate cupcake190EuphoricSpiceChocolate cupcake^ Candied Apples ~ Ree Drummond20300zx^ Candied Apples ~ Ree DrummondCake63FarzanaCakeElegant Banana Split35jppffElegant Banana SplitDonuts12mika7DonutsStrawberries and Ice Cream300harukoStrawberries and Ice Creamhealthy food12ardenahealthy foodRed Fruits12VenerdinaRed Fruitspudding200mandybeckspudding^ Watermelon Donut with Cream Cheese Icing4300zx^ Watermelon Donut with Cream Cheese Icing^ Christmas M & M cupcakes12300zx^ Christmas M & M cupcakesIce Cream Sandwiches300harukoIce Cream SandwichesStrawberry Ice Cream300harukoStrawberry Ice CreamCake60FarzanaCake^ Funnel Cake Making12300zx^ Funnel Cake Making