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Belle Kitchen (Oklahoma City, OK)28BigBadG5Belle Kitchen (Oklahoma City, OK)The Donut Experiment (Greenville, SC)12BigBadG5The Donut Experiment (Greenville, SC)Strange Donuts (St. Louis, MO)30BigBadG5Strange Donuts (St. Louis, MO)The Donut Whole (Wichita, KS)24BigBadG5The Donut Whole (Wichita, KS)Bearscat Bakehouse (Bismarck, ND)45BigBadG5Bearscat Bakehouse (Bismarck, ND)Johnny O's Spudnuts (Logan, UT)40BigBadG5Johnny O's Spudnuts (Logan, UT)Rainbow cake up close143Susie01Rainbow cake up closeBugged cookies @ The Bear Foot Baker88Susie01Bugged cookies @ The Bear Foot BakerPainted cookies @ Suarez Bakery110Susie01Painted cookies @ Suarez BakeryPurple Dessert25BlindTigerPurple DessertThree peaches and one alien fruit35AlamageeThree peaches and one alien fruit^ Halloween cursed apples16300zx^ Halloween cursed applesenjoy your meal!130feetenjoy your meal!Guru Donuts (Boise, ID)35BigBadG5Guru Donuts (Boise, ID)Pepples Donuts (Oakland, CA)40BigBadG5Pepples Donuts (Oakland, CA)Dough Doughnuts (Brooklyn, NY)32BigBadG5Dough Doughnuts (Brooklyn, NY)Mighty-O Donuts (Seattle, WA)24BigBadG5Mighty-O Donuts (Seattle, WA)Rebel Donut (Albuquerque, NM)28BigBadG5Rebel Donut (Albuquerque, NM)Doughology (Lynbrook, NY)24BigBadG5Doughology (Lynbrook, NY)Glazed & Infused (Chicago, IL)28BigBadG5Glazed & Infused (Chicago, IL)healthy food-bananas12ardenahealthy food-bananasLa Torta Donut Cake35jppffLa Torta Donut CakeIndustry Beans Restaurant Pandan Jello35jppffIndustry Beans Restaurant Pandan JelloBlackberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream36jppffBlackberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream