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00999009Don't touch my babies80lpn541Don't touch my babiesHart 11300KaraMelekHart 11Deer cub 5300KaraMelekDeer cub 5Bambi300alyssialandBambiHart 10300KaraMelekHart 10Roebucks 1300KaraMelekRoebucks 1Deers 9300KaraMelekDeers 9Deer130HendrikDeerLying Deer70HendrikLying DeerOh Deer150Texasgal1571Oh DeerHart 9300KaraMelekHart 9Deers 8300KaraMelekDeers 8Cat and Deer cub 2300KaraMelekCat and Deer cub 2Dog and Deer cub 1300KaraMelekDog and Deer cub 1Forest Animal Plushies78TerriCForest Animal PlushiesRoebuck 3300KaraMelekRoebuck 3Deers cubs 2300KaraMelekDeers cubs 2IMG_0053300IMG_0053Deer cub 4300KaraMelekDeer cub 4Hart 8300KaraMelekHart 8Sven198mirinkatSvenDeer at kidd island91Deer at kidd islandHarts 6300KaraMelekHarts 6