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A CHILDS CHRISTMAS DREAMS...99TrishaLeeA CHILDS CHRISTMAS DREAMS...JEWELED RIVER ROCKS196TrishaLeeJEWELED RIVER ROCKSA BEAUTIFUL PLACE FOR MUSIC...80TrishaLeeA BEAUTIFUL PLACE FOR MUSIC...Praha, passage Lucerna, Cz90puzlartPraha, passage Lucerna, CzGLASS FRUIT204TrishaLeeGLASS FRUITOwl deco56girlygirlOwl decoDinner209DinnerTexas140TexasUnique stair-art deco60benpuzzledoverUnique stair-art decoPretty woman in front of Art Deco Building80benpuzzledoverPretty woman in front of Art Deco BuildingItalian-food221Italian-foodSea Food for my Mother 056180Sea Food for my Mother 056Miami60pinkyleeMiamiFoood182FooodBreakfast200BreakfastBoston Beans210Boston BeansP1210848 Lloyd Wild Food Thanksgiving 2013192P1210848 Lloyd Wild Food Thanksgiving 2013Food (1)192Food (1)Devon-food189Devon-foodClaudia-McGee160Claudia-McGeeRuby180RubyFood Seafood A beautiful dish with fish 012041192Food Seafood A beautiful dish with fish 012041Egg170EggFishss35Fishss