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Good Morning45PattyOliveiraGood MorningQuer um Café?77PattyOliveiraQuer um Café?Heart Coffee35PattyOliveiraHeart CoffeeChá Inglês150PattyOliveiraChá InglêsCoffee Yin Yang60PattyOliveiraCoffee Yin YangTea and Perfum24PattyOliveiraTea and PerfumTea and Cinnamon12PattyOliveiraTea and CinnamonCoffee and Roses198PattyOliveiraCoffee and RosesAo Nascer do Dia...120PattyOliveiraAo Nascer do Dia...Box Coffee Gift60PattyOliveiraBox Coffee GiftBreakfast160PattyOliveiraBreakfastCoffee and Roses54PattyOliveiraCoffee and RosesUm Café e Um Amor a Todo Vapor108PattyOliveiraUm Café e Um Amor a Todo VaporCappuccino60PattyOliveiraCappuccinoMocha15PattyOliveiraMochaBreakfast54PattyOliveiraBreakfast41441324PattyOliveira414413Tea and Reading80PattyOliveiraTea and ReadingCafé com Creme45PattyOliveiraCafé com CremeTea24PattyOliveiraTeaCafé em París120PattyOliveiraCafé em ParísUm Café e um Amor... Quentes por Favor60PattyOliveiraUm Café e um Amor... Quentes por FavorCoffee Red88PattyOliveiraCoffee RedCafé na Cama54PattyOliveiraCafé na Cama