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Salsa the Dancing Kitten with the bejewelled eyes
Foxtrot Orange on Orange
Dancing Kittens in the Mailbox.
Sleepy Salsa the Dancing Kitten 6 weeks old
Foxtrot the Tiny Hunter
Jitterbug the Dancing Kitten Takes a Nap
Tiny Dancers nearly six weeks old
Incredibly Floofy Hula Dancing Kitten.
Hula watches from the safety of the castle
Baby Jitterbug at five weeks
Hula the Dancing Kitten. 33 Days Old.
#Dancing Martini Divas
Little Boy and Girl Dancing
Foxtrot ponders Life, the Universe and Everything 14 days old
Foxtrot at 12 days old
Jitterbug and Hula Dancing Kittens
The Dancing Kitten 4 days old
Foxtrot and Salsa at 2 days old
Takes two to Tango
Dancing Boyntons Spring :}
Eye of NYC Ballet