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Reeds48MandoPhotographyReedsBulgaria countryside98LordRahlBulgaria countrysideKardzhali Dam96LordRahlKardzhali DamTsonevo Dam108LordRahlTsonevo DamTsonevo Dam108LordRahlTsonevo DamGavins Point Dam240LT074Gavins Point DamMile 0430 Watauga Lake Dam112AmyJoyMile 0430 Watauga Lake DamFontana Dam120AmyJoyFontana DamWasserwehr, Interlaken99EcclesiastesWasserwehr, InterlakenHooverDam2byAdriana45SongBirdHooverDam2byAdrianaLlyn Trawsfynydd Dam35WhitebeardLlyn Trawsfynydd DamView of part of the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River72swreaderView of part of the Three Gorges on the Yangtze RiverDam and Reservoir99macduff97Dam and ReservoirAt Hoover Dam 20-9-2014108OssieAt Hoover Dam 20-9-2014I Give a Dam32janea35I Give a DamEagleville Pond Dam90CarolannmoEagleville Pond DamBee 1108ZululandPixBee 1Bees108ZululandPixBeesComal River Dam32janea35Comal River DamClinton Dam II (photo taken by Paul Kunz170pkunzieClinton Dam II (photo taken by Paul KunzHoover Dam Bypass192EmbeeHoover Dam BypassOld Mill at Pigeon Forge209AmyJoyOld Mill at Pigeon ForgeCovered Bridge99Wilson1150Covered BridgeGrand Coulee Dam150PaigeTurnerGrand Coulee Dam