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Dalí - La persistencia de memoria63senoramcpeakDalí - La persistencia de memoriaDali - The three sphinxes of Bikini48senoramcpeakDali - The three sphinxes of BikiniDali - Butterfly Windmills99SpicySongYungDali - Butterfly WindmillsElephants300jzillaElephantsmeow120meowSwans Reflecting Elephants170savoganSwans Reflecting ElephantsStill Life Fast Moving160aledaStill Life Fast MovingParanoiac Visage192aledaParanoiac VisageThe Autumn Cannibalism270aledaThe Autumn CannibalismThe Persistence of Memory252aledaThe Persistence of MemorySpider of the Evening... Hope238aledaSpider of the Evening... HopeThe Bathers of LIane168aledaThe Bathers of LIanePort of Cadaques228aledaPort of CadaquesFrom the Labbyrinth160aledaFrom the LabbyrinthThe Persistence of Wholemeal256RookwingsThe Persistence of WholemealSoft construction with Swiss Roll.204RookwingsSoft construction with Swiss Roll.Dali: meditative rose99BlueBell177Dali: meditative roseThe Persistence of Memory99indreThe Persistence of MemoryHm. He looks familiar ;)252RookwingsHm. He looks familiar ;)Salvador Dali and the jasmine blossoms.180RookwingsSalvador Dali and the jasmine blossoms.Dali museum. Figueres300RookwingsDali museum. FigueresSalvador-Dali-metamo204Salvador-Dali-metamoDali swans reflecting elephants150miuraDali swans reflecting elephantsThe Persistence of Memory by Dali35The Persistence of Memory by Dali