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Spring Equinox300themindofmarieSpring EquinoxDaffodil40babysisDaffodilstill life35sadladystill lifeSigns of Spring!24BittypuzzleSigns of Spring!Easter cake63KatinkaGardenerEaster cakeYummy Easter60KatinkaGardenerYummy EasterDaffodil35artytypeDaffodil#Spring Daffodil Field8Kaboomer#Spring Daffodil FieldJonquilles au printemps100ValerieLJonquilles au printempsSpring daffodils20Spring daffodilsDaffodil56KatinkaGardenerDaffodilDaffodil, white with light yellow corona35artytypeDaffodil, white with light yellow coronaSpring flower garden99diana473Spring flower gardenstill life with daffodils24sadladystill life with daffodilsspring flowers in pots40sadladyspring flowers in pots^ Red roses and yellow daffodils6300zx^ Red roses and yellow daffodilsspring flowers25sadladyspring flowers^ Camellia, daffodil and violet bouquet24300zx^ Camellia, daffodil and violet bouquetDSC_3279140AzuriteHolisticDSC_3279Daffodil 'Jetfire' 6Y-O, Cyclamineus, Dwarf - less than 32.5 cm.24ourspudsDaffodil 'Jetfire' 6Y-O, Cyclamineus, Dwarf - less than 32.5 cm.Daffodil 1Y-Y, King Alfred type, with pollen transfer merchant.20ourspudsDaffodil 1Y-Y, King Alfred type, with pollen transfer merchant.Daffodils288lacedgablesDaffodils^ Camellia, daffodil and violet bouquet35300zx^ Camellia, daffodil and violet bouquetDaffodil, orange35artytypeDaffodil, orange