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Magic yarn ball triangles117SuyzQMagic yarn ball trianglesColourful Crafts @ Crafts @ @ @ a bowl15patijewlThrowing a bowlCraft and school supplies3003jwsCraft and school suppliesMulticolored Yarn132GoldGalMulticolored YarnCrochet blanket20patijewlCrochet blanketColor wheel assignment117SuyzQColor wheel assignment0748742ac1be4ca7048f773b038abf5a The Craft Shed 1000pc Puzzle 14300TrishaLee0748742ac1be4ca7048f773b038abf5a The Craft Shed 1000pc Puzzle 14Color swipes.16jillnjoColor swipes.Camel quilt.9jillnjoCamel quilt.Color Wheel swirl110SuyzQColor Wheel swirlCraft room60redapplejujuCraft roomNeema Crafts Centre, Iringa96EcclesiastesNeema Crafts Centre, IringaMore rows of yarn99SuyzQMore rows of yarnRainbow vertical rows of yarn100SuyzQRainbow vertical rows of yarnHand dyed gradient yarn91SuyzQHand dyed gradient yarnRibbonscraps231RibbonscrapsRibbonpuff240RibbonpuffIndie Craft Show77walkswithIndie Craft ShowFun Fabric32trulyFun FabricRibbonsCircle240RibbonsCircleGraduated shades of purple yarn90SuyzQGraduated shades of purple yarnAll fashion yarn 2100SuyzQAll fashion yarn 2